Wish list What Weehawken kids want for the holidays

Black Friday has come and gone, so the countdown to Christmas has begun. Parents will be scurrying all month to shopping centers and web malls to pick up the hottest new games, toys and trendy trinkets. In 1998, kids were fascinated with Furby. Last year, Pokemon was all the craze. This year, PlayStation 2 is in such high demand that some of its starting eBay bids are as high as $850. But not all Weehawken kids have fallen for the hype, and the following is what they said they wanted this holiday season.

Stephanie, 5, and Christopher Ruiz, 8

“I want a Purple Huffy bike, ” said Stephanie. “I want to ride on it, because everyone in the neighborhood has a bike. “
“I want Jeep Commander bike, because it has shocks and because it’s beautiful,” said Christopher.

Natalie Santos, 11

“I want a beeper, just in case in case my mom wants to know where I am and so she can beep me to come home … a DVD player, because my neighbors like to borrow movies and they don’t give them back. They don’t have a DVD player, so they can’t borrow them … and clothes like bellbottom jeans, but I don’t care what brand. I’m not picky.”

Shawn Dorman, 12

“I want remote control cars; the new Tyco ones that just came out with moving wings. When you drive it, the wings on the sides go up and down. I also want money, because my parents never buy me things I like. They buy me clothes that I’m not crazy about and that are too small, and they buy me video games that I don’t really like. I rather have the money so I can go out to movies without asking my parents for money.”

Maria DeCandia, 10

“I want an ‘N Sync Justin Timberlake watch. I want the ‘N Sync video of the concert. I like ‘N Sync a lot. And the Techno Dog, because I want a real dog, but it’s too much money so I’ll go for that. I don’t want a real dog either, because I don’t want to clean up all its stuff.”

Tatiana Fernandez, 15

“I want typical things that I need. I want a peacoat, jeans, boots and a purse … a DVD player attachment to my computer, because I want to watch DVDs on my computer and because my brother has one … and a Lava Lamp, because they’re so pretty.”

Justin Nieves, 5

“I want Hot Wheels … a computer … a pack of juice with ice and a big pack of cookies … a Pac-Man game, and a cozy, big, fat red and blue sweater.”

Nathaniel Kanding, 8

“I’d like lots of electronic games for my Nintendo and Gameboy and a Silver Version Pokemon. And I’d like lots of Legos to build all different castles and boats.”


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