Wish list What Jersey City kids want for the holidays

The countdown to Christmas has begun. Parents will be scurrying all month to shopping centers and web malls to pick up the hottest new games, toys and trendy trinkets. In 1998, kids were fascinated with Furby. Last year, Pokemon was all the craze. This year, PlayStation 2 is in such high demand that some of its starting eBay bids are as high as $850. But not all Jersey City kids have fallen for the hype, and the following is what they said they wanted this holiday season.

Cadeam Stevenson, 11

“I want a Rotweiller, because they’re mean and nobody will mess with me. I’ve had eight dogs, and every one got stolen or got hit by car. That wouldn’t happen to a Rotweiller. ”

Jean Carlos Gonzalez, 10

“I want a Sony Dreamcast game; it’s kind of like PlayStation. But I like the Dreamcast, because I like video games and it’s got good graphics.”

Shimul Shah, 17

“I want shoes and clothes. But what I really want is a plane ticket to go back to my country, India. I haven’t gone back in about two months. My parents are there, and I miss them.”

Courtney Seale, 12

“I want a laptop, because my parents are divorced. So when I go back and forth to both houses, it would be a lot easier to keep my work on one computer. I want CDs like Pink, Vertical Horizon and ABBA … video games for my Nintendo 64 … and clothes, like GAP jeans and shirts.”


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