Older folks can get AIDS

Dear Editor:

Approximately 10 percent of all AIDS victims are people 50 years and older. While this group may be at lower risk than younger age groups, the fact is that this population is still at risk. Late middle-aged and elderly persons may not be taking precautions because they do not perceive themselves as “at risk” for HIV/AIDS. Condoms may not be on their shopping lists because they think of them as birth control, not as a safer sex tool. Major outreach efforts and programs have focused on and still focus on the adolescent and minority populations.However, people 50 years and older should be aware of risk factors and prevention techniques.

To find a testing site close to you or if you have questions concerning HIV/AIDS or STDs call the hotline. Remember help is just a phone call away! 1-800-624-2377. The AIDS/STD Hotline is available 24 hours per day, every day!



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