Mayor Schundler should put his priorities in order

Dear Editor:

Thank you for your letters to the editor alerting the public to the Schundler waterpark, the latest environmental threat to our beautiful Liberty State Park.

It is incredible that Schundler should be focused on a Liberty waterpark when Jersey City is financially in a massive black sink hole. His priority should be to bring fair and equal tax dollars to the Jersey City treasury from big corporate giants who are building massive skyscrapers along the Jersey City waterfront.

I would advise every taxpayer to take a ride along the waterfront. Count the number of buildings that are being constructed in Jersey City on land being subsidized by the Jersey City taxpayers.

It will give you an idea of the revenue Jersey City is losing every single day. These giants are receiving massive tax abatements.

Question, what’s wrong with this picture?

1. The Jersey City taxpayer must set aside their hard earned money each month to pay their real estate taxes every three months. They pay full taxes based on their home values.
Contrast: The waterfront developer giants are granted huge tax abatements and are not paying full taxes. Why?

2. Mayor Schundler’s priority should be on providing adequate public services to the Jersey City people. Protecting their property and lives with adequate police and fire protection. Instead he is closing fire houses, reducing police protection and cutting back on vital services for the Jersey City public. Why? My advice to Mayor Schundler is simple; let the state of New Jersey use dedicated state Green Acre funds to build Liberty State Park. The state has the money. Let them improve a state park.

Schundler’s priority should be to focus on building up the Jersey City financial future, bring more money into our treasury to close up the massive city debt.

Leave Liberty State Park alone.

Audrey Zapp


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