For a moment I thought I was in Palm Beach County, Florida and not Weehawken!

Dear Editor:

When I read the latest flyer from the “Friends of the Weehawken Waterfront” the cold, grey December chill suddenly melted away, the sun came shining through and there I was, not in Weehawken any longer, but in Palm Beach County. “There’s a blank spot on that map, Mayor Turner, you must intend to put a skyscraper there,” or “Oops, that dimple on the page looks suspiciously like a high-rise to me, better take this thing to court.”

Don’t these people realize how absurd they look? They cite five major concessions which they say they’ve won from the evil developers yet still they whine. They ought to stop for a moment and remember that the Elysian fields which they seek to create here were once railroad yards. For decades the Jersey side of the Hudson looked like the wrong side of the River Styx, with decaying barges, abandoned factories and miles of piled-up garbage

Now we have an acceptable, painstakingly thought-out plan to turn this area into something enviable, and they want to keep it tied up in the courts for years because they’re not satisfied. When did we elect them to think for us?

It’s time to grow up a bit and take a reality check. Our Mayor and Township Council, along with the Planning Board have done everything humanly possible to ensure that this area is developed in a way that will have the greatest positive impact on the greatest number of people, and we did elect them, by overwhelming majorities, in fact. Is everyone going to be thrilled with every detail? Of course not, life doesn’t work that way. Get over it! It’s time to get on with this project and to get behind our officials so that they can do the job that we entrusted them to do….and stop whining!

George Lindgren


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