Pleased with Silvani’s change of heart

Dear Editor:

The seas have parted, pigs are flying everywhere and Jack Frost is paying Hell a visit this fall since the oh-so-infamous Brian Silvani has turned over a new leaf and now declared in his letter titled, “Stop the presses!” in your October 28 edition, that he has now “…converted to loving pigeons.” Oh, the grand wonder of it all!

What made him turn over that leaf? What opened his heart and sundered the flood gates to the humming sound of a pigeon’s lullaby? Oh, who knows! Who cares! All I care and am elated about is that pigeons have lost a foe and most importantly, gained a friend.

As the feast of Thanksgiving approaches, I am moved to be thankful that a person’s heart, once dark and sinister towards the welfare of a fellow living being, can be enlightened to appreciate such natural beauty. On behalf of myself, fellow nature-lovers, and all pigeons and similar creatures around the world who now bow to your humble turn to co-existence, thank you Mr. Silvani and welcome to peace.

Isabel C. Alonso


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