Luigi and Otto, at it again!

Dear Editor:

Luigi Novi objected to me saying, if the universe was created by the Big Bang, as the scientists claim, then God created the Big Bang. I am glad he objected for the truth is found by telling both sides of a question, but he doesn’t say who created the Big Bang? I say God created the universe, then cosmology and theology are synonymous terms.

He wrote, “There’s only an antiparticle for every charged particle, like protons and electrons.” That’s only partially correct. The electrons, protons and neutrons of antimatter revolve in the opposite direction of the electrons, protons and neutrons of matter, which make them antimatter. A neutron has no charge, but it’s still antimatter.

He wrote “He says ‘M + -M = 0’ Wrong. M + -M equals energy.” Mathematically, M + -M = 0, but if a particle of matter meets an antiparticle, it reverts into energy, but energy is waves. Water waves add no mass to water, sound waves add no mass to air, nor does light or E add any mass to anything it shines on. E + M = M. M + -M = 0.

He wrote there is no antispace. Bravo! He caught my typo error. I am glad he caught my error, for space is nothing. Nothingness cannot be warped, so what is gravity?

He wrote: (time) “It simply passes at a rate relative to the observer, hence the term relativity.” The time we know is relative time derived from the velocity of matter. Time or aging is an action, and all actions have a reaction. The reaction of time is antitime. In the beginning, if the universe expanded at the speed of light, the relative time would be six days. Don’t you know God created the world from nothing, or 0.

He wrote: “If you interpret ‘six days’ literally, then what did God use to measure the first two.” When God wrote; “In the beginning” the expansion of the universe was at the speed of light, but by the sixth day the velocity of the universe was slowly being reduced. God used relativity to measure the first two days and the six days. That was why Methuselah lived 669 years, for the velocity of the universe was expanding more rapidly then than now, and time moved much slower than now, according to relativity.

Otto Hottendorf


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