Garcia urged to resign and stop bravado

Dear Editor:

The announcement by Brian Stack that he has filed a notice with the Union City clerk for the recall of Rudy Garcia was long past due. The response by Rudy Garcia to the announcement of the recall that “I beat him before and I shall beat him again” is nothing more than bravado and actually an insult to the people of Union City.

I worked the last election in Union City going from polling district to polling district. I never saw so many strangers to Union City congregated in our city at one time. At the polling place on 9th Street and Palisade Avenue, Mayor Russo from Hoboken, his city attorney and about 20 of his strong political workers were at the polls from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Uptown, at Roosevelt School, Mayor Sires from West New York, his town attorney and a bunch of his workers congregated and worked the election for Garcia. In addition, hundreds of people who just happened to move into Union City two to four weeks before the election, came out to the polls. An examination of the voting books at the county disclosed that these people moved in from West New York, North Bergen and Hoboken. Wonder who they voted for.

This time Rudy, you will be all alone. No Mayor Russo, no Mayor Sires, no last minute new registration from out of town.

Rudy, stop with the bravado and resign.

Carlos Vallejo


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