Business parking permits, kinda unfair to loyal local employers and employees

Dear Editor:

An open letter to City Officials:

I own a small business in Hoboken, employing about 25 employees, many of whom drive their cars to work. Recently we received a notice stating that the cost of a Business Parking Permit has been raised from $5 annually to $50 annually, as a result of a recent city council vote. Obviously, this was very upsetting to both my staff and me.

While I am only too familiar with Hoboken’s lack of parking spaces, I hardly think that a sudden and unannounced 10-fold increase in permit fees is a reasonable or effective solution. Our company encourages use of public transportation for commuting purposes, but some of our employees simply don’t live in areas where that option is economically or logistically viable. As a result, they will continue to drive to work, even with this increase in permit fees. So, as I see it, Hoboken is a little bit richer, my employees are a little bit poorer and the parking problem has not been improved at all.

My business has been headquartered in Hoboken for many years, but this type of decision by City Council makes it even more difficult to attract and keep workers in this town. The daily, agonizing search for parking was difficult enough, and now you want them to pay $50 a piece for the privilege of doing so. They are very angry about this and I am in full support of their viewpoint.

I find your decision to raise parking rates so dramatically to be both outrageous and anti-business, and I urge you to reconsider the burden you have placed on loyal local businesses and their employees.

Ron Kanfi


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