Dogs in the parks are not the issue

Dear Editor:

According to the latest statistics, in 1999 there were 15 murders, 79 rapes, 1,550 robberies and 2,368 motor vehicle thefts in Jersey City. On a daily basis we, the residents of Jersey City, are subject to dangerous drivers with no respect for others safety; we must walk on broken glass of smashed car windows, and the garbage in our streets and on our sidewalks seems to never disappear.

We do not need surveys and endless debate on dogs in parks. What we need are safer streets. What we need is enforcement of the laws.

Let’s start small by issuing summonses for noise violations for car stereos and modified exhaust systems on the basis of them being a safety hazard to hearing the sirens of oncoming emergency vehicles. From there we could begin to enforce the loitering and boom-box laws. Pretty soon we might have a city where you’re not intimidated or worse, in immediate danger, the moment you step out your front door.

City officials, we are asking for your help. Will you give it to us?

JC resident


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