How to tell if you are a true Hobokenite

Dear Editor:

Let me join the fray of regular contributors; the back and forth between Mr. Alexander and others is just beyond the surreal. Everyone has an opinion and everyone’s view printed here has some kernel of truth. However, none of the writers seem to be listening to each other in any way. It all boils down to Townie vs. Yuppie drama.

It is insulting to myself and many others to be dumped into this “Yuppie” category simply because we were not born and raised here. Many people who do not work in “Yuppie” professions have made Hoboken their home. But even some “Yuppies” have made this fine city their home.

So let me offer a new definition of what constitutes a “Townie”. A Hoboken “Native” is someone who…
1) is registered to vote in Hoboken and does so in municipal elections.
2) stops to pick up trash on our fine city streets.
3) says hello to the men and women who work in our neighborhood businesses even if they are not buying anything.
4) complains about the noise and trash of the bar crowd as much as everyone else.
5) has their car registered in Hoboken and pays the ridiculous rates we get for living in Hudson County.
6) has held the door open for an elderly person entering a store on Washington St.
7) has no long range plans to move to somewhere “better.”
8) has said “hi” to the mayor and other elected officials when they have seen them on the street.
9) has lived here more than seven years (kinda like a common law citizenship if you were not born here)
10)reads the Hoboken Reporter every weekend to see what’s going on in town. Caring about this wonderful city makes a “Native” and nothing else.

David S. Bimbi


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