Celebration or crime scene?

Dear Editor:

Enclosed is a picture of a Christopher Columbus office building which might look like it was the location of a crime scene. However, this is not the case. It is a scene from the Caribbean Day Slice of Heaven celebration.

This exclusionary condition, the tape and the guards exists whenever there is a celebration at Exchange Place. The guards make sure that people don’t even sit down on the wall around the developer’s property. I think that this policy of exclusion by the developers is an insult to the people of Jersey City. I think that the policy is especially ludicrous on days of celebration which are supposed to be a way of bringing people together. If there are already these guards, couldn’t these guards be welcoming people and just making sure that no damage is being done to the property instead of excluding our citizens? It seems to work at the Plaza at Paine Webber in Weehawken.

Just an opinion
Janice Monson


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