Prayer in schools? Kiss my grits!

Dear Editor: No one would object to Christians going to their churches and worshiping as they see fit. What we (Jews, Moslems, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists) are tired of is the sociopathic need of Christians to force us to worship with them, in the manner that they tell us to. Christians have a long history of trying to hurt those they cannot control. They are the people who gave us the Spanish Inquisition, it is they who brought the Blacks to this country on slave ships, then slaughtered every Native American in sight. They claim to be pro-life, yet they proudly support the gun lobby and celebrate the deaths of gay men dying of AIDS. Last year on CNN, I saw a rather sizable Christian group celebrate the glory of Jesus by going to Mathew Sheppard’s funeral and making fun of his parents. And now these creeps have decided when, how and with whom I must pray! Fat chance. Kiss my grits! David Alexander P.S. Don’t white supremacists also claim to be Christian?


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