Russo allies call everyone a racist

Dear Editor: The latest (and obviously ghost-written) letter attacks Tony Soares for not having been born in Hoboken and being of European descent. Tony was born in Hudson County and as a Portuguese-American is certainly Hispanic. Ms. Gonzalez, as a Hispanic, you should know that all Hispanics are descended from Spain and Portugal, both European countries. It seems that the Russo administration and its supporters always revert to their tired old charges of racism and “born and raised pride” whenever there is nothing substantive to say. We keep reading the same stupid letters attacking Tony for things that have nothing to do with his job as councilman. Ms. Gonzalez, other than Native Americans, we are all immigrants or have immigrant roots. As a 13-year resident and taxpayer of Hoboken and the grandson of immigrants from Eastern Europe, I proudly claim my status as both an American and Hobokenite. I resent your implication that only the “born and raised” are Hobokenites and I am certain that the Hispanic community, especially those who are recent arrivals, feel the same way. Alan H. Cohen


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