No excuse for dirty habits

Dear Editor: Along the Hudson River shore front Boulevard where thousands gathered to see the old time Tall Ships that docked there on the Fourth of July, I also looked out at them. Earlier before, the town’s clean-up sweepers working that special day, were doing a real good job. A crowd from an adjoining town came to the wall of the river to look below. They brought bags of food, water and soda (bottles they carelessly threw on people’s lawns and sidewalks as they finished drinking them along the way). “What filth,” I said to myself when but 25 feet away ahead of them were vertical black round tall garbage can they could have thrown them in instead. One lazy woman regularly steals the 4-wheel shopping cart from a nearby Food Market, unloads it at her home and then wheels it a block away to the corner of someone else’s house, as she laughs on her way back home. (What dishonest filth. She continues living her life on and on). This is the people’s dishonest filth today in New Jersey. Someone who sees her might jot down who and from which house she is coming from. In the meantime, when will this town’s residents be honestly sophisticated 100% and not bother its neighbors to do someone else’s job? It’s not uncommon that alternate lawns are used weekly to store empty carts from the store. When will Pathmark install a recording camera at their lot’s exodus to spot who takes their carts? A Disgusted Weehawkenite


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