WNY did great job with Op-Sail

Dear Editor: I am one of the more “ancient” residents of West New York, and have always believed that its unique location overlooking the Hudson, the New York Skyline and the beautiful lower river estuary, down to the Statue of Liberty on a clear day, makes it one of the most beautiful spots on earth. But there is more, as illustrated by Millennial July 4 Op-Sail, because West New York is also located at a major area cross-roads at River Road and Blvd. East, and dedicated, experienced, meticulous police, fire and government planning and performance were crucial, to promote community and area enjoyment and safety. I am proud to say that for a basically small town, Mayor Albio Sires, Police Comm. Sal Vega, Police Chief Joseph Pelliccio and Town Adm. Richard Turner; with full support of the Board of Commissioners; firm but courteous police performance and full cooperation from the community and our North Hudson neighbors, made this historic event most enjoyable, and our tiny corner of America even more beautiful. And this dedication was duplicated in all other communities. Our deep appreciation to them all for a job well done! John Tomasin, Esq.


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