Apology could discourage further recriminations

Dear Editor: Since Mr. Dale Walker (writing under the pseudonym “T. Weed”) has again raised the issue of his support for neo-Nazi causes, let me repeat, word for word, what I have previously stated in print: “A person who seeks to exonerate Hitler from responsibility for the destruction of Jewish homes, businesses and places of worship on Kristallnacht, who pleads the Nazi case for Goebbels” alarm at the extent of destruction and his inability to control the vandalism, and who justifies the destruction, desecration, loss of life and mass arrests as a response to the Jews’ “disproportionate share of the wealth and power” is, in plain English, a Nazi sympathizer.” I stand behind that statement 100%. If Mr. Walker believes himself to be a man of high regard in our community and that he has been defamed by my characterization of him as a Nazi sympathizer, I invite him to pursue his claim in a court of law. I am sure the readers off the Hoboken Reporter have already formed an opinion of Mr. Walker’s character from his own words, not mine. The fact that, after reading the responses to his letter in support of Holocaust-denier David Irving, rather than submitting a heartfelt apology to the Holocaust survivors and their families he so deeply offended, he sent in yet another sneering, hostile rejoinder, speaks more eloquently of Walker’s character than any words I can offer. Ross D. London


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