Silvani’s right on Hottendorf, but not on me!

Dear Editor: I have one thing at least in common with Brian Silvani (Letters, Feb. 27): an inability to understand a word of what Otto Hottendorf is saying. His intellect soars on such a high plane, up among the atoms and the ether, that I can barely make out the contrails of his thought; a fact which I have ruefully acknowledged once or twice on this page. But I still find it hard to fathom how a man so learned in certain areas can maintain–along with the Holy Rollers–that the Bible is the literal word of God, that evolution never occurred-we did not rise from lower forms of life-because the Bible says that in only six days God created the universe and every rock and monkey and black hole in it. But it was men, over a long period of time – poets and preachers, historians and allegorists -men whose background, beliefs and lives are known to us, who wrote the Bible. Inspired men, some of them, full of poetry and striking thoughts (as were Homer and Milton and Shakespeare, similarly perfumed by the embrace of the Divine Muse) but mere men nevertheless. Mr. Silvani, on the other hand, who gripes that my plain letters are as impenetrable as Mr. Hottendorf’s, is neither learned nor literate, and him one understands perfectly. T. Weed


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