Daughter needs help in finding a wheelchair for mom

Dear Editor: I would like to know if you would ask in your paper if someone has a portable wheelchair for sale. My mother is in a wheelchair at Palisades Nursing Center. The center will allow me to use their wheelchair, but I can’t handle the heavy chair once I get to where I want to take her. With the nice weather coming up, it would be so nice to take her on outings. Also I would have trouble getting the larger one into homes when I take her to visit. She will be 90 on May 5 and I would like to surprise her with the chair. I told her as soon as I can get one she will be able to go visiting and on outings. Medicaid will not help out since she’s in a nursing home, and new ones go for about $199. My home phone number is 201-869-9115 and you can call anytime up to 8 p.m. Thank you for whatever help you can provide. Lorraine Rollman


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