www.hudsonreporter.com: Hudson’s local papers go online

Week after week, nearly 100,000 Hudson residents depend on the Hudson Reporter newspapers to deliver updates on local politics and neighborhood features right to their doorsteps. But local news doesn’t end at a town or a city border, so the Hudson Reporter is now enabling readers to explore the news of the entire county online. All of the Reporter’s eight weekly papers, which include the Hoboken, Jersey City, North Bergen, Weehawken, West New York, Secaucus, and Union City Reporters as well as the local entertainment weekly The Current, are now featured on the new Hudson Reporter website: www.hudsonreporter.com. Readers who reach the home page can click on any of the eight weeklies. Readers can also get to each weekly individually by putting a www. before and a .com after the name of each paper. Therefore, those who want to load the Secaucus Reporter’s web page, for example, can simply type www.secaucusreporter.com. All of the other papers will be available at a mouse-click in the directory located on the left-hand side of the web page. Cover stories are featured on the main page. Other stories in the paper can be accessed by clicking the “local news” link on the left. All of the papers published in the year 2000 are on the site and can be read by using the site’s archives. Sports news and letters to the editor also are posted on the site, along with special features not included in the print version of the paper, like a five-day weather forecast and daily lottery numbers. Maps with door-to-door directions, an auction link to bid on myriad of memorabilia and collectibles, a community business directory and national headlines from some of the largest news organizations like the Associated Press are all available on the Reporter’s site. The site can also be used to contact the reporter staff. (Note that the current e-mail addresses used by the staff will be changing. The new addresses will be posted in the staff box of the newspaper). The site will soon also have forms through which readers can submit announcements. In the next few weeks, look for special links for Hudson seniors and teens along with health and financial information. But one of the most anticipated sections of the website is the community sites link. This link will offer a free webpage, available only from the Hudson Reporter’s main page, to local non-profit community groups. These groups can post information like events and calendar listings. Applications are now being taken on the Community Websites link at www.hudsonreporter.com. Advertisers can also take advantage of the Reporter’s world-wide web exposure. Banner ads and business directories are constantly running and frequently updated. “It’s another way to reach out to Hudson and beyond, and to reach out to those who are interested in Hudson County,” said Reporter Co-Publisher David Unger. “This is just another tool we offer that broadens the reach for advertisers and customers.” The Hudson Reporter’s entire classified section is also listed by category on the site. Readers can also link to classifieds for 1,400 newspapers across the country. So the next time it rains on your local paper is soggy, or you just want to know what’s going on in the next town over, look up the Hudson Reporter online. “There’s something great about holding a newspaper in your hand,” said Reporter Managing Editor Caren Lissner, “but it’s also nice to have the best local news at your fingertips.”


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