Northeaster snow storm; accolades to state workers who cleared the snow

Dear Editor: I am writing this letter in reference to the recent northeaster snowstorm that took place on Tuesday, January 25 that left a substantial amount of snow and sleet throughout New Jersey and the surrounding areas. Local 195, International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, represents employees in the State Department of Transportation, state colleges and universities and the various state institutions, all of which performed an “outstanding” job in removing snow, in the best interest and safety of the entire public. Jersey roads and the access to and from state universities/colleges and institutions were cleared in a professional manner that was performed by all of the state workers trained in snow removal duties. I am sure that everyone realizes it is not an easy or comfortable task to be out in the inclement weather performing these snow removal duties. The general public must remember that when the snow stops people from driving and closings take place, these state employees are out in the adverse weather conditions, clearing the way for all of us. I would hope that these efforts put forth in this storm, in all previous storms, and storms yet to come, are appreciated by the citizens of the state of New Jersey. There is also another issue of “essential workers vs. nonessential workers” that is not fair to state workers. Those that are declared “essential workers” must report (and most Local 195 members are considered essential workers) to work under any type of adverse weather conditions, while other state workers do not have to report to work or often receive early dismissals. “Essential workers” put forth the dedicated efforts for the benefit of the citizens of New Jersey; yet, they are not compensated monetarily for the day as “essential workers.” They receive the same day’s pay as the person who did not have to report to work or had an early dismissal. For the sake of fairness, we are asking the general public to indicate their appreciation of the recent state snow removal operations in the state of New Jersey and the people who performed the work. At the same time we are asking our legislative representatives to look at and consider a fair and equitable system to the ongoing matter of “essential vs. nonessential workers” in the state of New Jersey. You can be sure that Local 195, IFPTE, AFL-CIO/CLC is truly proud of the outstanding snow removal work that state workers (our members) performed during the storm of January 25, 2000. Dominick D. Critelli, President, Local 195 Atlantic area Vice President


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