To the Editor:

Why has there been no teachers’ contract for seven out of the last eight years? I can only suggest that the parents, students, teachers, and citizens have been “duped” by the Board of Education. How so?
Parents are “misled” in thinking that the Board of Ed. can maintain an “above-average” faculty with a “below-average” salary scale.
Students are “confused” in seeing experienced teachers leave or retire at an early age to be replaced in some cases by “subs.”
Teachers are “deceived” by empty promises that there is money to provide more than a few hundred dollars in raises.
Citizens are “deluded” in believing that the future of Bayonne is not directly affected by the quality of a child’s education.
At the Board of Education meeting on December 14, what would have been more ridiculous than listening to, “we will spend (pun intended) more time on negotiations” would have been to hear “Happy Holidays” at the conclusion.
Whereas, some communities see parents/students/teachers/citizens attend Board of Ed. meetings in large numbers, or signs on buildings, or even lines on the road near schools supporting teachers, Bayonne seems to be “indifferent” or duped!


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