Alonso thanks supporters; vows to press on

To the Editor:

I am as disappointed by the results of the School Board election as you are. While approximately 20,000 voters turned out in Bayonne to vote for President, only about half of that number bothered to cast ballots for School Board.
This, despite the fact that the members of the School Board have a large say in determining both the tax rate and the exact number of tax dollars that Bayonne residents pay.
I hope you take the time you need to process what happened on the local level. Sadness, anger and frustration are all okay. Giving up is not.
We must take back our city and our schools from the bloated tax and spend bureaucrats who have run our town into the ground.
After the dust settles, we will find the resolve to come back and fight harder than ever against this runaway School Board and a callous City Hall.
Thank you for absolutely everything you did in supporting this recent campaign.
I am honored to be fighting alongside you on behalf of the taxpayers, the parents, and all the residents of Bayonne who are determined to save our city and our schools from both the uncaring outsiders and the political hack insiders.


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