Serve and Spike


QUESTION: In high school volleyball, as visiting Team (B) is about to serve, a loud horn is blasted each time by a spectator. Should referees ignore incident as part of the game or should home team be penalized?

ANSWER: The first referee (R1) shall halt play and notify the home management to resolve situation. No penalty is assessed the home squad. Artificial noisemakers are not allowed.( Rule 1, Sec. 8; Rule 12, Sec. 3).

QUESTION: During a set, a spectator becomes unruly and out of control which disrupts playing action. Should the first referee (R1) give a yellow card warning to the home coach or should (R1) approach the spectator and tell him/ her to leave the gymnasium?

ANSWER: (R1) should do neither; referee will again suspend the set until home management resolves the issue. Action will resume from point of suspension once incident is addressed. If there is no home management administrator available, home coach will be responsible (Rule 12, Sec. 3).

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