Replacement for Drumeler found

Gary Jeffas to be Town Administrator, John Gerbasio may be new councilman

Mayor Michael Gonnelli and the Town Council have announced that Councilman Gary Jeffas will have to resign to replace Town Administrator David Drumeler this January.
Drumeler recently resigned from his position to work for the county. Since his departure, Director of Finance Nick Goldsack has been the acting town administrator. Also in the announcement, Gonnelli said that current Board of Education President John Gerbasio will be considered to fill Jeffas’s term.
Gerbasio is running for reelection on the Board of Education, but will be forced off the ballot this January, if appointed, and is awaiting approval from the council.

“I have no doubt he will be an excellent Town Administrator.” – Mayor Michael Gonnelli
“I am currently on the ballot for election to the Secaucus Board of Education,” Gerbasio said. “However, it is my intention not to campaign for the seat. I have agreed to an appointment to the Secaucus Town Council, effective January 2017.”
In a press release, Mayor Gonnelli said Gerbasio has consented to be considered to replace Jeffas on the council.
“A few weeks ago, I asked Councilman Gary Jeffas to assist in our efforts to find a permanent replacement for Town Administrator David Drumeler,” Mayor Gonnelli said in a press release. “We discussed the type of person we believed would make an ideal candidate and the qualities we look for, such as ability to work with others, unquestioned integrity, and a good knowledge of Secaucus.”
Jeffas and Gonnelli have worked together since joining the council almost 10 years ago, and Jeffas is currently a part-time councilman and attorney.
When Mayor Gonnelli was recovering from a stroke for nearly three months this year, Jeffas filled in for him.
“All of the council members are excited to have the opportunity to work with Gary in his new role for our community, and I have no doubt he will be an excellent town administrator,” Gonnelli said in the release.
“I was honored he chose me,” Jeffas said at the council meeting on Oct. 11. “When I thought about coming through full-time to act on behalf of residents and the community, I thought what a blessing to wake up every day to do that.”
Jeffas added, “Leaving the seat in Gerbasio’s hands made it easier for me to step back from this position.”
Councilman James Clancy said at the meeting, “Gary, as a part-time councilman, did great, but as a full-time he will be great for the community. We lose one, but gain another, and it’ll strengthen the entire group.”

Street parking changes, new street name

The council adopted an ordinance to prohibit parking at all times on the southern side of Central Lane from Stonewall Lane to Floral Terrace. This ordinance has been adopted for emergency vehicles to pass safely, and for the safety of all motorists, residents, visitors, and pedestrians.
The council introduced an ordinance to rename Dinosaur Way where the new High Tech High School will be located in Laurel Hill Park. The location of the school would be on One Dinosaur Way, but the ordinance would amend the name to High Tech Way.
The ordinance will be up for a vote during the next meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 25.

Supporting those in need

Mayor Gonnelli and the Town Council presented the Secaucus Hygiene Project with a check for $300. The hygiene project is a private club in the town that collects products, like toiletries, to give to those in need.

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