Did somebody say something about a teachers’ contract?

To the Editor:

The community reads about the use of tax money by the Board of Education to purchase Chromebooks, Smartboards, computers, and various technology devices. There also is the remodeling of classroom desks, chairs, walls, floors, and ceilings. The gyms and girls’ bathrooms can be added to the list, too. This is all wonderful.
Still, let me put all of the above in perspective by using this example. Suppose one placed a trumpet in the middle of a room. As the students enter, each is asked to play something. Most respond with, “I do not know how because … .” Somewhere in here the word “teacher” needs to be included.
A well-qualified, dedicated, and caring teacher wants to meet the needs of students, parents, and the community. The faculty, secretaries, etc. are requesting a fair salary to meet professional standards. Material improvements can only go so far. Will it be another five years to settle the contract?

Guidance Counselor
Bayonne High School

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