A safe ‘night out’

Neighbors meet police, kids enjoy rides, games

“As you get older, you appreciate what police do for the town,” resident Danielle McGorty said at the National Night Out Against Crime celebration on Tuesday, Aug. 2 in Buchmuller Park.

Communities across the country host National Night Out events on one day each year so the police and the public can interact and show they’re vigilant about crime.

“They have the emergency vehicles out, and kids want to see that, because kids want to be a policeman or fireman.” – Danielle McGorty

“It’s great for kids,” McGorty said. “They have the emergency vehicles out, and kids want to see that, because kids want to be a policeman or fireman. Kids get to meet cops and firefighters, there’s games, and it’s in the park.”

McGorty said she came with her twin sister Erin and her two nephews, Mason age 5, and Gavin Fisher, 3.

“National Night Out Against Crime is a fun night,” Secaucus Police Officer Daniel Dobosz said. “Cops get to know the kids and community. They meet cops, and stay off the streets away from crime and violence.”

Student volunteers contribute

Students on the Secaucus Recreation Department staff said they had fun too. They spend the summer months working in different parts of town including with the baseball camp, summer camp, and the arts & crafts programs for kids.

Staff member and Secaucus High School student Destiny Disla, 16, said this year was her first year celebrating and working at the night out. Her friend and coworker Gabriella Magliulo said this was her second time working at the night out.

“I find it fun,” Disla said.

“It’s a big turnout this year,” Magliulo said. “There’s always a lot of kids, because a lot are from the arts & crafts program.”

Magliulo spent her summer working with students between 6 and 13 making arts & crafts. “They’re always excited to see us.”

Staff members spent the morning setting up the dunk tank, balloons, and more, for residents to enjoy that night. They helped with serving food, handing out balls for the dunk tank, or playing with kids on the playground.

When the night out celebration ended, the fun continued, with the new “Star Wars” movie playing on the big screen in the park.

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