Time for new leadership in Bayonne

To the Editor:

Bayonne could be the ideal place for millennials in their 20s who work in New York City. Public transportation makes the commute easily accessible, and there are a number of fantastic restaurants in our town that would make even New Yorkers jealous.
I, myself, work in the city on a daily basis, and find the commute easy. Yet, what I like best about my daily commute is coming home each evening to Bayonne, a city with so much potential, and so much untapped talent. While many of the items the families of our town need and buy on a weekly basis can still be found in Bayonne, many of this newspaper’s readers can also remember when our shopping district was proudly known as “The Miracle Mile ” for the fine stores and business establishments that once lined our main street and catered to every clientele.
Let’s be honest. It’s clear that we, as a community, could be doing so much better. What is the plan for revitalizing Broadway? How exactly are our tax dollars being spent, and why are they so high? After all these years, why are we still without direct ferry access to Manhattan? And what are we doing to create more recreational activities for families? And, of course, why are we not able to attract good-paying jobs? These are the types of questions our city leaders must be made to answer. We must hold City Hall accountable for its decisions, and it’s lack of action.
Given our geographic location, Bayonne has always offered the region and its people an incredible opportunity. It still is a nice place to live, but it could be so much more. And as residents, we deserve to know why our mayor and city council aren’t making the proper investments that would attract young educated individuals and families to our town so that Bayonne can be more economically viable. We also deserve to know exactly how our tax money is being spent and misspent, and what the Davis Administration is planning for the future.
If you agree, please join the new and fast-growing Bayonne Republican Party for a town Meet-N-Greet on Tuesday, May 3, at 8 p.m. at Hendrickson’s Corner on 31st Street and Broadway. If you care about the direction that our town is taking, and think we could be doing better, please come make your voice heard. This will be an informal event for all voters with an independent mindset to share their concerns so as to have an open dialogue about what needs to be done in Bayonne.


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