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Providing opportunities to our children

Dear Editor:
Every day, local residents go above and beyond to provide our children with beneficial opportunities to help them excel educationally and athletically. In the northernmost section of Jersey City, in parts of the Heights, many children were missing out on these opportunities for them. Thankfully, two local residents took it upon themselves to develop competitive cheer opportunities for young boys and girls in our area. Benjamin “Popo” Sierra and his wife Jacqueline formed Steel Force Elite in 2013 to provide our youth with the chance to experience cheer competitions at a statewide and national level.
Since that time, they’ve formed a strong coaching staff that prepares the athletes on a daily basis for statewide and national competitions. Due to this commitment, these amazing athletes have been awarded Grand Champs, a National Title in Atlantic City, and National Champs, which includes back-to-back National Titles in Myrtle Beach, SC. This year they have already won Grand Champs (in Atlantic City) and most recently walked away with a full paid Bid to compete at one of the most prestigious cheer competition called The Summit in Tampa, Florida in April 2016. It is always important to take a moment to honor our local residents who take it upon themselves to make a difference in the lives of our children. Join me in showing appreciation to Ben and Jackie Sierra, the entire Steel Force Elite coaching staff, includes Laura Mojena, Tameka Kobryn, Alex Guzman, Athena Caballero, and Karina Perdomo, all of the young athletes involved in the program, and their very supportive families.

Joel Torres

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