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Sex in the park??

To the Editor:

What is going on in Bayonne? Being a born and bred Bayonnite, I am appalled by what I saw on Sunday morning at 10 in Bayonne Park. I was walking my dogs by the soccer fields, and when I reached the tunnel below the dog run, I witnessed a man and woman engaged in a sex act. He ran off with his dog, pulling up his pants when he saw me. I believe it was consensual sex because later I saw them talking to each other in another part of the park. This was always a nice town, and now, within 100 yards of the playground, and near to the softball fields and basketball court, it’s OK to act like a sexual deviant. I filed a report with the Hudson County Sherriff, and now it is in their hands. I hope the good people of Bayonne will let our Sherriff and elected officials know that we find this behavior unacceptable, and that this needs to be investigated. With the abundance of cameras in the area, the culprits should be able to be identified. Fed up in Bayonne.


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