Removing citizens from council meeting – why?

Dear Editor:
Wow, I had all these things to say, but I just came to a stop…probably because I was taught to keep my mouth shut if I did not have anything nice to say. It was so nice of Bhalla to write a letter designating the nice new people he would like to work with…you know, people that moved here and have shown an interest in working with him!!! Then, our mayor kindly listed the people we should vote for. I hope I have the paper, because I was insulted. Then, people are kicked out of the council meeting for stating what they think. The paper did not say that they were loud or aggressive, although I can see why anyone would get irritated when they are manipulated and treated as if they were in the third grade.
Yes, winning takes strategy, but this is ridiculous. I, for one, am feeling pissed off!!!!
As a voter and someone that really enjoys reading the political mechanism of what is now turning into the deliberate destruction of good people, the strategy of “me and me only,” leaving Hoboken in the dust, just made me soooo disgusted.
So as a widdle midless voter, please give me a list of names not on the Bhalla, Zimmer wist next time, pwease.

Bonnie Toadvyn

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