QUESTION: In high school volleyball during the first set, player (A) becomes injured and must be removed. Coach of Team (A) has one substitute on bench but chooses to play shorthanded with only five players on court. Is this legal?
ANSWER: Although the rules allow a team to continue to play with only five players, in this instance with an eligible sub on the bench, coach is required to have six players on the court; hence, sub must enter the set. (Rule 6, Sec. 4, Art. 5; casebook).
QUESTION: At the moment of serve, the right front (RF) player on Team (R) has foot in contact with boundary line. Is this a violation?
ANSWER: This is not a violation. All players, except server, are allowed to be in contact with boundary lines or center line providing no part of the body is touching floor outside the lines. (Rule 6, Sec. 4, Art. 3, a).

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