Praise for Bayonne

To the Editor:

I bought my home in Bayonne in the height of the housing market. Since then my property value has decreased but my interest and concern for Bayonne are continuously on the rise. I have great neighbors, and I am glad to have a wonderful safe little neighborhood for my children to grow up in. The education system in Bayonne is good, and I love the school that my children attend. I would like to see the teachers get a contract quickly, though. Negotiations do not need to wait for a school board to be elected. Negotiations could already be in play. Education is key to a successful city.
I am overjoyed to see all the development in the city. When I bought my home in 2006, I was told that Bayonne was going to be the new Hoboken. I was excited to be living in Bayonne at that time. When I saw no development taking place year after year and my property value dwindle I thought I made an awful mistake moving to Bayonne. But finally because of the great visionaries of the Davis administration, Bayonne is finally moving forward, and so is the value of my property, and I am thrilled, so thank you.
My final note is for the recreation department, better late than never. I commend you on running an amazing summer program. Not only did you make my three children very happy this summer. But you made this mom ecstatic. My children participated in baseball camp, arts and crafts camp, and soccer and T-ball camp. My children could not get enough of it. They were very sad to see it end, as was I. They were never so happy to be in a summer program. Thank you Mr. Amadeo for training your staff properly and running a great department. Thank you Mr. Wondolowski for giving Mr. Amadeo the freedom to run the department.
It seems everyone at city hall has everything under control, and this Bayonne citizen couldn’t be happier.


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