QUESTION: In high school, baseball and softball, upon arriving on the field of play, umpires notice catcher not wearing proper protective equipment while warming up a pitcher. Do umpires have authority to rule in this situation prior to the start of the game?
ANSWER: Umpire jurisdiction begins when arriving on the field; hence, they should inform the head coach that proper equipment is required. Player safety must be addressed by rule. (BB& SB- Rule 10, Sec. 1, Art. 2).
QUESTION: Does umpire jurisdiction conclude with the third out of the final inning?
ANSWER: Although the third out concludes the final inning, umpires must be aware of possible appeal plays which may affect the outcome of the game. Game jurisdiction ends when umpires leave the field of play; administrative jurisdiction continues through the completion of game reports as per game incidents. (BB & SB- Rule 10, Sec. 1, Art. 2).

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