St Mary’s Pee Wee Basketball Week 5 Results

In the boys division, the Blue Devils defeated the Lakers, 35-21. Erik Porch of the Blue Devils scored 13 points, Nolan Geisler scored 12, Anthony Devaney scored 6, Ian Geisler scored 2 and Savun Raparelli scored 2. For the Lakers, Louis Pelliccia scored 11, Christian Szyskowski scored 4, John Burke scored 4 and Nicholas Ponczek scored 2.
The Pirates defeated the Hornets, 19-11. Patrick Sagna scored 6 for the Pirates while Justin Perry scored 6, TJ Santos scored 3, Gabriel Santos scored 2 and Daniel Santos scored 2. For the Hornets, Casey Leto scored 8 and Nicholas Gonzalez scored 3.
The Knicks defeated the Hoyas, 24-11. Kieran O’Connor scored 13 for the Knicks, Jaiden McInnis scored 6, Aidan Miklas scored 4 and Brayden O’Connor scored 1. For the Hoyas, Jack Kelly scored 6, Tyler Nieman scored 2, Eric Tonne scored 2, and Brennan Trowbridge scored 1.
In the girls division, the Rams defeated the Pirates, 13-10. Jenna Smith scored 7 for the Rams, Shea Torres scored 2, Charlize Olmo scored 2 and Mya Elam scored 2. For the Pirates, Hanna Wilson scored 4, Kylie Hall scored 2, Marianna Kiniery scored 2 and Leila Torres scored 2.
The Hoyas defeated the Blue Devils, 20-4. Ava Farulla scored 8 for the Hoyas, Jessica Van Sant scored 6, Maggie McCabe scored 4 and Grace Mulcahy scored 2. Annie O’Neill scored 4 for the Blue Devils.

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