Kopko begs to differ

To the Editor:

With regard to this past weekend’s article by Al Sullivan stating that my campaign for the Assembly’s 31LD has not been about issues, I want to point out some facts. We have released a 16-point education platform, an eight-point anti-corruption platform, a jobs plan, an anti-violence plan, positions on environmental protection, and more. Not just talking points, like my opponents, but actual policy proposals. Mr. Sullivan himself actually interviewed me months ago, when we spoke about my plans for education and the economy and a bright future, and he even said “you even have me re-thinking my party affiliation,” because our message makes sense. Then, he never published that story. He never reported on any of the subsequent platform releases above, and now he tries to insinuate I am a negative campaigner. The facts are what they are. I am the assembly candidate with ideas and platforms and proposals. Nobody is home in Angela McKnight’s campaign; she’s the one who believed she was elected after the primary. Nick Chiaravalloti has serious ethical and professional issues. The media hasn’t been interested in reporting on this, and I hear the Democrats are threatening reporters who dare to report on Nick’s malfeasance, and Nick and Angela are running away from the truth. I have a message of honesty and truth. Some people don’t like the truths they are hearing about the powers that be. But most of our message is uplifting. It’s about how we will retool our economy and our education system, and there hasn’t been much focus or reporting on them. So visit votekopko.com, read up, and vote for me, Matt Kopko, Column A, on November 3.

Candidate for Assembly 31LD

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