New Americans should feel welcome in Bayonne

To the Editor:

After reading the front-page article in last week’s paper I was moved to write a congratulation to Mr. Joe Wisniewski for his courageous opinion on the proposed Muslim Community Center on 24th St., as well as to “Connie,” who decided it was in her better interests to stand behind her convictions by not letting anyone know her last name. Thank God there are still Americans willing to stand up against the tyranny of having to see people in your neighborhood whose ethnicities and religions differ from your own, especially if these people have the gall to gather in groups for unknown “community” or “spiritual” purposes. After all, why would any new immigrant population want to maintain a sense of community or their own cultural traditions in a place with neighbors as welcoming as Mr. Wisniewski? I can only hope that Mr. Wisniewski’s letter to Donald Trump succeeds in bringing the great man here to our beautiful city so he can explain to us all how Bayonne, given its long and special role in our country’s history, is not an appropriate place for new Americans to expect to be made to feel welcome. Thank you Mr. Wisniewski and “Connie” for showing everyone what kind of city Bayonne really is.


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