Workers at construction site for seven-story luxury complex protest wages

HOBOKEN – Over two dozen protesters, with picket signs in hands, have been rallying at 14th Street and Willow Avenue in Hoboken against receiving low wages.

Organized by the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters Local 253, the protest continued Tuesday morning.

“We’re having a peaceful demonstration because the contractor in question is not paying his employees the area standards wages,” said union council representative William Haase.

Haase, who stood by the protest for the Advanced at Hoboken LLC project which consists of 140-units of residential space with retail space as well, referred additional questions to Senior Council Representative, Bob Satriano.

Satriano told The Hoboken Reporter that workers on the site, which has also been referred to as Willow14, were receiving lower than $20 in wages when standard wages are $44 plus benefits per hour.

The site is managed by Legacy 7 and contracted by Progress Railing – who did not immediately respond for comment.

The protest, Satriano said, will likely continue in the fall.

The union’s local 253 chapter, which includes 3,700 members, makes up Hudson, Bergen, Passaic and Essex counties.

Bridgewater, N.J.-based Advance Realty acquired the site in 2009 and construction on a below-grade parking garage was completed in April of this year. The property is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2016, according to published reports

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