Stop dreaming about yuppies

To the Editor:

Mr. John Sebik calls Bayonne “the laughing stock of Hudson County.” Having hoards of new buildings where the rent on a one bedroom apartment is $2,200 isn’t going to benefit the current residents very much. Manhattan transplants or yuppies from Hoboken and Jersey City won’t be attracted to our little secret. Instead, immigrants with a whole lot of cash will be attracted to these new buildings before they move on to the suburbs. In other words, the folks will be transients, sort of like transplants from Newport in Jersey City looking for a better deal on rent. Single professionals, although they do exist here in Bayonne, are a rarity. Without a 24- hour express train to either Hoboken or Manhattan, 24-hour, preferably free ferries, like they have in Staten Island, or an all-night bus that goes to Times Square and doesn’t travel locally through all of Jersey City and Union City, we’ll keep our city as a remote and sleepy little town the way we like it. That’s why new buildings for those who cannot pay exorbitant market rates are essential. Get going, Davis, and stop dreaming about these yuppies. Take care of us first.


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