Hoboken-born Bloody Mary mix hits shelves

HOBOKEN–Once upon a time, Hoboken’s most famous beverage was Maxwell House coffee, the smell of which carried through the entire town from its plant on Frank Sinatra Drive. If Christine Dodd and Ryan Grace have their way, the city will someday soon be known for its Bloody Marys instead.
The local couple have spent the past two years developing their own all natural, less sodium Bloody Mary mix, The Hoboken Mary. On Tuesday, they delivered the first four boxes of product to Cork Wine and Spirits on Washington Street.
According to Dodd, the lower amount of sodium—just over half as much per ounce as Mr. and Mrs. T—means enjoying more drinks while feeling less full and bloated. The Hoboken Mary is also fat free, gluten free, and low calorie.
However, skimping on salt doesn’t mean skimping on flavor. Grace is originally from New Orleans, and his mix has a tangy Cajun flair, fortified with horseradish, cayenne pepper, anchovies, and lime juice.
“I take my food and wine seriously,” said Cork founder Jay Emminger, “and this is the best Bloody Mary mix I’ve had.”
Dodd and Grace already have received orders from other Hoboken markets and restaurants, and they hope to someday expand throughout New Jersey and nationwide.
Cork Wine and Spirits will host a sample tasting for The Hoboken Mary mix this Thursday, Aug. 13, from 6 to 8 p.m. The shop is located at 1450 Washington St.
All that remains now is for someone to step up and develop a homemade Hoboken vodka.

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