Flip flop hurray!

To the Editor:

I’m trying to figure out where all these pro-development voices came from. Where were they in the last municipal election? As I remember it, Davis supporters eviscerated Smith for his pro-development policies. Now it’s OK, because they are in office? Can’t have it both ways guys.
In response to Mr. Barone’s letter, maybe he saw a different meeting than we did. The developer stated in the meeting to many residents that he wouldn’t be building without an abatement. The council was also ready to give an abatement to the developer of the St. Vinny’s project. Maybe you missed that meeting too? The people aren’t against development; they were against it encroaching on their property. Maybe you should petition the council to run the 140-car parking garage on your property. Finally, the “guy” making the “Mack-Cali” allegation is a Princeton-educated lawyer. DeMarco’s brother is the Chief Operating Officer of Mack-Cali. Check it out at mack-cali.com. The other “guy” who wanted to hear from his elected councilman has every right to. Legally a public meeting is a lot like a Senate hearing. Ignoring facts doesn’t make them defamatory, Mr. Barone.


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