Have you seen the new issue of Jersey City Magazine?

HUDSON COUNTY — There’s so much to read in the latest issue of Jersey City Magazine, available around town and in our office.
Jersey City native Helene Stapinski talks about her memoir, Five Finger Discount, being made into a movie. Speaking of entertainment, we look at local yoga instructor Brad Roberts of Crash Test Dummies fame. And speaking local industry, we look at the General Pencil Company as well.
Which lets us segue into writing: there’s a story about the Jersey City writers’ group. We also look at what one local woman is doing to help cancer survivors, and go inside the library for an update on the renovations.
And did you know that the 1982 movie “Annie” has several Hudson County connections? You can take your own tour.
There’s so much more! Check it out. http://www.hudsonreporter.com/pages/jersey_city_mag

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