There’s trouble in River City!

High school musical theater production will be ‘The Music Man’

One of the most exciting and well-attended events of the year in Weehawken High School is the annual high school musical theater production. This year’s production is the classic musical “The Music Man.”
“The Music Man” takes place in the fictional small town of River City, Iowa. A con artist comes to town to sell musical instruments to the children, and almost, but not quite, fools the pretty town librarian.
The show boasts classic songs such as “There’s Trouble in River City,” “Till There was You,” and “Seventy-Six Trombones.”
Aside from the high level of energy showcased on the stage with the singing, dancing, and acting, the production also has sets, lights, and direction with total student involvement.
Students from grades seven through 12 participated in the show.

An all-student production

This year, the student ensemble cast created dance and chorus numbers in concert with the lead roles of the show. The student stage crew has built and designed the town and all of the props needed throughout the rehearsal process.
Michael Lichtenfeld instructs the student-filled orchestra who play real Broadway level music scores.
The show is sponsored by Mayor Richard Turner and the Weehawken Township Council, Board President, Richard Barsa, and the Weehawken Board of Education and the Weehawken Municipal Alliance Against Drug and Alcohol Abuse.
“The Music Man” will debut on Friday, April 17 and Saturday, April 18, at 7:30 p.m. in the Weehawken High School Auditorium. General Admission is $5. Free bus transportation to and from the theater is available. For more information, call Weehawken High School at (201) 422-6130.

The cast

Professor Harold Hill – Jerry Tejada
Marian Paroo – Isis Alava
Mrs. Paroo – Chase Jennings
Mayor George Shinn – Joseph Melgar
Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn – Natalie Varghese
Marcella Washburn – Diuky Padron-Marrero
Sheriff Constable –Alyssa Denfeld
Ethel Toffelmier – Antonia Sinibaldi
Oliver Hix (Quartet) – Ellis Jennings
Ewart Dunlop (Quartet) – Ally Tierney
Olin Britt (Quartet) – Ashley Acevedo
Jacey Squires (Quartet) – Bonnie Callahan
Maud/Charlie Cowell – Cee’Asia Daste
Tommy Djilas – Dylan Henry
Zaneeta Shinn – Chelsea Magan
Winthrop Paroo – Graci Wade
Train Conductor – James Ontiveros
Amarylis – Ruchi Amin
Mrs. Squiers – Nia Eberhard
Gracie Shinn – Amelia Osborne
Alma Hix – Noelle white
Pick a Little Girl – Renee Agostini
Pick a Little Girl/Dancer – Ambar Puello
Pick a Little Girl/Dancer – Rocio Roldon
Student Producer – Falak Hussain
Student Director – Bonnie Callahan
Student Dance Captain – Chelsea Magan

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