Smith has the courage of his convictions

To the Editor:

I think that some important facts should be granted some intense scrutiny before casting your vote in the upcoming runoff election. First, the Davis team’s constant mantra of 47 family members on the payroll. This one is the epitome of fuzzy math gone crazy. Does anyone take into consideration these mitigating circumstances that some family members such as brother Leo and cousins on mom’s side of the family first became employed or appointed to their original positions while Mayor Smith was in grammar school! And in actuality could not have influenced their hiring. Their rising up through the ranks was the combination of hard work and perseverance. No one can influence their educational records, i.e. obtaining masters degrees in the chosen field of education and finance. No one studied or took any tests for them! Nor did anyone provide any relief other than their own sacrifices. As a 35-year veteran of union politics I’ve seen countless family members hired by every company I ever represented. This is called nepotism which I personally was the beneficiary of, as well as 90 percent of the work force or union membership of my home plant. I hope that in this round of campaigning both candidates put the vicious personal attacks aside and run on their respected positions, experience, and platforms. This election should be decided by Bayonne voters and Bayonne people. Not by washed up has-beens whose only concern is how much they can line their pockets with our money. Make no mistake this election must be decided on important issues, not popularity alone. No one is going to pull any rabbits out of a hat or wave a magic wand and poof the teacher’s contract is going to be settled immediately with a new administration in over 25 years of negotiating contracts. The main reason for no contract is economics! I believe that the teachers more than deserve a cake and equitable raise. But at what cost. I as a taxpayer must be willing to endure some serious pain or better yet some steep tax increases! On vacancy control Bayonne people have decided on at least three separate occasions by not signing their petitions. To get this on the ballot how much fairer could this have been getting three proverbial bites at this apple. On the elected school board same situation people have not signed the petition often enough to get the necessary majority to move forward. By the way, ask people in Jersey City and other towns with these elections how they feel about them. The realization of the tremendous cost associated with it will prohibit it from coming to fruition. This money potentially spent should go to the bargaining table to help settle the unfortunate impasse and give something to the teachers who so deserve their overdue raises. So in closing, let’s see the candidates’ positions on these and other important issues. I personally believe that Mayor Smith has provided fiscal responsibility while holding on to his values with the courage of his convictions. To his credit, at least he has a platform and is more appealing than let’s get rid of the incumbents and then I’ll have some people help me form a plan of action.


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