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What was in the locked City Hall safes in Jersey City?

JERSEY CITY — Dozens of reporters descended on Jersey City City Hall on Tuesday to get a glimpse of two safes that apparently had not been opened in more than 40 years.
In anticipation of finding some long lost secret from the era of Mayor “Boss” Frank Hague, the media pressed cameras over each other’s shoulders or under each other’s elbows to be the first to see what the two safes contained.
Mayor Steven Fulop hired the professional safe company to open them.
Fulop said, “We don’t know when the safes were installed or what they were used for, but they are quite old and we thought it would be interesting to find out what may be inside. Jersey City’s storied political history makes you wonder why safes were ever installed in the Mayor’s Office in the first place.”
Unable to resist a glimpse of a dark side of Jersey City’s political past, the media poured in.
So what was inside?
One of them held nothing. The other…well, had anyone needed an extension cord for their Christmas Tree, they would not have been disappointed with the contents of the first safe – since that was all it contained.
Find out more in this weekend’s Jersey City Reporter newspaper.

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