Support Alzheimer’s sufferers on Sept. 28 in Hudson County

Dear Editor:
My names is Rosita McGovern, Public Policy Ambassador for the Greater New Jersey Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. Having been a caregiver for nearly 16 years for my mom, afflicted by this dreadful disease, I remain very active and advocate on behalf of all those victims and their families and loved ones battling this disease. Not only is it the 6th leading disease in this Nation, but it is the only one without any way to prevent, treat, or cure and the most expensive malady in our country. It will increase like no other.
I would like everyone to know about a fundraiser event in Hoboken on Sat., September 28, 2013. The fundraiser will be from 7am to 3pm — the hours of operation of Jo’s Diner. The proceeds of the contributions will be sent directly to the Alzheimer’s Association to advance the much needed research, education, awareness, and provide programs and services to those suffering with this ghastly disease. Those patrons who donate will have their name placed on a flower that will be provided by the Alzheimer’s Association and be viewed at Jo’s Diner.

Rosita M. McGovern