Unacceptable misconduct

Dear Editor:
Having viewed the video of the Union City Board of Education Commissioners meeting on April 8th on Hudson County TV, well, the verdict is in and despite the past feeble comments of the current Union City Mayor we long suffering tax payers are facing the reality of being hit with still another increase in our local property taxes.
For example this local official clearly shows a dart board mentality when questioned by a local resident as to how much interest will be added to our local property tax bill in Union City thanks to a last minute five million dollars being added to the local budget which will cover the time frame until 6/30/13.
Being unable to personally attend these meetings due to a mobility issue, I also viewed a tape of the March 28 special budget meeting.
I was horrified that despite the serious and well thought out budget questioned posed by several Union City residents the camera clearly shows Revenue and Finance Commissioner Martinetti talking on her cell phone.
What personal conversation was so important? Was she scheduling an appointment for her hair or nails?
Some concerned woman made a similar comment and posted it online.
It would be nice to know if the current mayor plans to discipline Ms. Martinetti for her unacceptable misconduct.
Perhaps if she were more attentive to matters in her department perhaps our local tax rates in Union City would not keep increasing year after year.

Tom Regan

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