Two Bayonne men questioned on alleged explosives

BAYONNE — Two Bayonne men were questioned by police and other authorities after reports of their allegedly experimenting with bomb-making materials on Saturday night.
“It’s two young men who were fooling around putting household clearers and other things into bottles and dropping them out their window,” said Public Safety Director Jason O’Donnell. “These were not bombs. But we treated it seriously and went by the book.”
O’Donnell said a Bayonne police officer who is a member of a federal task force was brought in to ask questions about the matter.
A WPIX-TV producer, who lives across the street from the 33rd Street building where the men were dropping various containers including soda combined with candy that allegedly has explosive properties, reported the incident, bringing in TV cameras to City Hall where the men were being questioned.
“They were putting household products into various containers and dropping them out the window,” O’Donnell said. “This wasn’t serious, but we had to treat it as if this was.”
The city will be issuing an official statement later Sunday, he said.

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