100 years old and still going strong

Galaxy resident celebrates her birthday with the community

Galaxy resident Ruthie Fried celebrated her 100th birthday among friends, family, and town officials at the Green Kitchen Restaurant located at the Galaxy Mall on Sunday, April 14. Mayor Gerald Drasheff, a neighbor of hers, and Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez were in attendance.
“We have a nice mix of seniors in town, and anytime anybody makes that benchmark of 100, we want to celebrate it,” said Drasheff.
Assemblywoman Jimenez even presented Fried with a State and General Assembly Citation in her honor.
“[It is] a pleasure to be a part of [these events],” she said. “Not everyone reaches that milestone.”

The birthday girl

Ruthie was born on April 15, 1913 and has remained as athletic as back during her years of playing handball. Her family proudly discussed how mobile she remains despite her age.
“She’s the only person I know that’s 100 [years old],” said granddaughter Audrey Tanz. “She still drives and still reads with no glasses. We’re proud to have her in good health and with us.”
“You will see this flaming redhead eating at the Green Kitchen [Restaurant] and driving around town in her white Mercury,” said daughter Helene Feldan.

“You will see this flaming redhead eating at the Green Kitchen [Restaurant] and driving around town in her white Mercury.” – Helene Feldan
According to Feldan, Ruthie reads a book every two days, exercises, and goes to the beauty parlor. She insists that her mother exercise because as doctors have told her, “If she doesn’t move it and doesn’t use it, she will lose it.”
“She does everything on her own,” said Feldan.
Her daughter and granddaughter, also Galaxy residents, are glad that she lives close to them.
“I figured it’s a good place to live without living in an old age home,” said Feldan. “[Guttenberg] is a friendly, nice environment.”
“I think it’s especially nice [that we] literally have three generations here,” said Drasheff.
Ruthie’s daughter Helene Feldan and granddaughter Audrey Tanz have a real estate company called Riverfront Realty Corp. located at the Galaxy Mall.
Ruthie’s son Michael Fried was elated to be celebrating his mother’s big 100th birthday.
“Terrific, I can’t believe it,” said Michael.
Ruthie felt “no different” turning 100, she said, although she noted that her walking is not what it used to be. She was pleasantly surprised when what she thought was just a family party turned into a community celebration as well.
“I didn’t know so many people were coming,” said Ruthie. “I thought just [my] family was going to be here.”
Yet another surprise that evening was to be in the company of her 20-year friend Helen Kleiner.
“I couldn’t believe it when I saw her,” said Ruthie.
Kleiner wished her friend many more birthdays.
“I want her to live to 150,” she said.

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