Hoboken another Easter Island?

Dear Editor:
Lately when I think of Hoboken, the image that comes to mind is of Easter Island. It once had a lush interior with palm trees, mango and coconut groves and who knows what else until the inhabitants decided to honor their gods by building huge monoliths at the waters edge. In doing so they destroyed the center of the island, depleted its resources and made it uninhabitable. Using all the timber, they somehow hauled stone to the cliff’s edge. Standing there now are enormous stone statues, the core lies barren.
Our Waterfront and periphery are being overdeveloped and enclosed by huge steel, stone and glass buildings while the heart of Hoboken is under siege. The resource that makes our town special is its people. We are a blend of languages, races, cultures and customs. There is noise, music and laughter at our center. We are owners, renters, working people, students, professionals, artists, musicians, actors, young, old and everything in between. We are not one thing but many and are fortunate to be here at this time and in this place. There are so many good people in this town who have the opportunity to save us all by voting no on Hoboken Public Question No. 2. If MSTA has their way, we’ll have higher glass faced buildings, most with a river view. We’ll have renters who can afford $3175/month, few who pay less, a sparkling edge with a dull background.
Last night, HFHA screened Delivered Vacant and The Waterfront Referendum. Today I was tired, exhausted and finally realized that I was depressed by what I had seen. Memories were awakened. This is not ancient history. These were real events and real people died. After we defeat this initiative, I’d like to see us create a memorial to the forgotten, “expendable” dead. A grove of 51 trees, each with a marker with the name, dates of birth and death and the building that they died in.
For Mr. Simoncini who seems to relish attention:
• Speaking out does not make you radical
• Because you do not have proof that there is landlord harassment does not mean that there isn’t
• I hope that you never know the fear some tenants live with
• There is harassment but fear quiets the harassed
• You intentionally undermined democracy, demeaned our voters with your twisted use of language
• Your “overwhelming voter approval” is totally bogus
• When I think of you, the bad guy (Willie Lopez) from Ghost being slurped into the sewer by dark spirits comes to mind.
• If all the tenants you displaced, starting with the little old ladies on the Upper West Side, are waiting for you on the other side, I do not envy your eternity.
• You must learn to speak the truth

I don’t have a religion but I do have faith. I believe that, together, we can defeat this destructive initiative.

Vote No on Hoboken Public Question No. 2

Rose Orozco

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